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Monica complain on phone 1800 958 223
Thursday, February 09 2017 04:47 AM
Same scenario for me and felt dodgy. Glad I checked and found these comments.
Mark complain on phone 1800 940 861
Thursday, February 09 2017 04:39 AM
Popup window came while my son was on a kids free game site. Luckily he told me , and I realised it was likely a scam. Shut down computer immediately and left it off. No problems restarting the computer.
Rang the number just for fun, to see what they would make me do. Yep, it was India alright, answered just as "Customer service centre", female voice. When I asked directly, "Oh it's India , is this a scam?" she replied "No, we are not a scam." "Really? Are you sure it's not a scam?" And she hung up!
Beware people!
Prendeep complain on phone 1300 341 668
Thursday, February 09 2017 12:34 AM
SCAM - hang up on this number - caller poses as an ato or centrelink rep - trys to scam you into believing you owe them money.
Lafonda complain on phone 03 9283 1055
Wednesday, February 08 2017 09:44 PM
Lindon from "Cube" in "Collingwood" called on this number asking to talk to a company director about our phone system. He promptly hung up when I advised Directors do not take calls from Call Centres like this.
Evelyn Smith complain on phone 02 6126 1022
Wednesday, February 08 2017 06:00 PM
Please block this number from calling my number, I havent given permission to pester me!!!
Thank you
Gerard complain on phone 03 8560 0226
Tuesday, February 07 2017 11:22 PM
Sell unsolcited online courses from unknown organisation with the ability to pay over 3 years ($6500) This is obscene!
Marrisa Hahn complain on phone 1902 252 511
Tuesday, February 07 2017 11:21 PM
I am sick and tired of seeing this number com up on my phone bill I dont know who it is or who is ringing it but I wamt it too stop it is costong me too much money time and effort!!
Jamie complain on phone 07 5405 9553
Tuesday, February 07 2017 06:22 AM
Calls from this number are absolutely a scam. I received one today, which is what led me here. Criminals using that number are dialing and hanging up using robo-call software to validate 'live' (in-use) numbers that then, once validated (i.e. answered by a human being), are aggregated with thousands of other numbers and on-sold to other criminal organisations for use in phishing attacks and phone-porting scams. If you Google 'phone-porting scams', you'll see plenty from the ABC and Sydney Morning Herald on this issue. Be VERY CAREFUL to observe your phone -- if it unexpectedly displays 'SOS calls only' when you're in a clearly good phone reception area, then someone has very likely criminally ported your mobile phone number to another mobile provider by impersonating you for the purpose of intercepting two-factor authentication codes from your bank. At that point you'll have to move with lightning speed to tell your bank since it takes criminals mere minutes to empty a victim's bank account by transferring funds to accounts operated by the criminals. Once the money is gone, it rarely is recovered and we all end up paying through fees and changes to make up the loss. Yes - 07 5405 9553 is a SCAM and I wish the AFP and Interpol could catch and expose these criminal bastards.
Amy complain on phone 1800 958 223
Tuesday, February 07 2017 06:18 AM
Exactly the same as the other comments. Using my MacBook alert popped up that my network was not secure and I needed to call the number to prevent my computer from being disabled. Searched the web address on my phone and same info popped up. I called, and thought it was very dodgy from the start, no identification given and wanted me to give lots of information. Again, call centre noise in background, spoke with an accent but understandable English. Do not give them any info.
Another Scammed Person complain on phone 03 8609 0606
Tuesday, February 07 2017 04:58 AM
Called me - unsolicited, have never sought thier services - and started to try and offer to sell me something. Cut them short and told them I have never asked for their sevices and have never given my number. Also told them the call was being recorded on my mobile (true). Have blocked them. Short search shows them to be Sumo energy company. Very persistent apparently. Call their bluff, tell them to 'be gone' and block the number. Bam.
Darryl complain on phone 03 9243 9451
Tuesday, February 07 2017 12:07 AM
The company is Wealth Partners Australia, based in Richmond, VIC. These people are nothing short of annoying pests. They continue to ring even when you ask to be removed from their database. They try every day, obnoxious and arrogant people and company. Go away!
Emma complain on phone 07 5405 9553
Monday, February 06 2017 11:47 PM
Had a call from a very rude man called Max from "E-Sure" demanding my personal information, in regard to a 'car accident within the last 12 months'. I didn't tell him any personal details and he got very cross then hung up.
andrew complain on phone 04 1204 2025
Monday, February 06 2017 10:54 PM
scammers - very beligerant when confronted
shane jensen complain on phone 02 9806 2469
Monday, February 06 2017 08:11 PM
this phone number keeps ringing me at all hours and claims that I have a debt ...ive been in hospital with a stroke , ive never owed anyone money y period they ask for information on my name , date of birth and bank details ...ive had enough what can I do ?
Sash complain on phone 1800 953 458
Monday, February 06 2017 07:01 AM
Some scumbag froze my computer and their as a number to call on the screen, it all looked legitimate like it was from microsoft. His name he used over the phone was ronnie and said i had to pay on the spot $149USD for a quick fix of all the viruses but if the so called technical support team had to use special programs to stop the potential of all my details being compramised i was looking to pay anywhere from $400-$700 USD to install programs and anti viruses from it happening again. If you see a microsoft page pop up on your screen do not do anything except turn your computer off for atleast 30 seconds restart and to be safe change all passwords. These people sound and look very sophisticated and well organised DO NOT get fooled it is nothing but a big scam. Lucky i told them after a while that i had no money and he said call when you have money and thats where he stuffed up. That alerted me and i googled microsoft they are aware of this scam and kindly assisted me free off charge and ran me through a few steps to erase all softwares and viruses installed by these LOW LIFE scumbags that need to be punished severly and made an example of. The number they get you to call is 1800953458 if you ever get any call or anything like this i have realised doing a couple of minute research and you can automatically know its nothing but a scam. Microsoft said they will never ring customers and microsofts actuall number is 13205. These things should be shared to everyone even publickly so these scum bags get done and rot in hell and they dont take anyone for their money regardless whether your rich or poor these scumbags do not deserve to get money alot of us in Australia work hard for.
Ghostly complain on phone 02 8091 4668
Monday, February 06 2017 03:57 AM
This number has become a nuisance claiming that someone at our number has been admitted to accident and emergency. It is a Sydney number and we live in Perth. The number is 02 8091 4668.
Nicholas Aitken complain on phone 1800 528 683
Monday, February 06 2017 02:11 AM
Debt Collection Agency
Dave complain on phone 1902 228 173
Monday, February 06 2017 01:50 AM
I was charged $300

Watch out for Bunnings Add dont apply
Regards Dave
Margaret complain on phone 03 9940 7777
Monday, February 06 2017 01:39 AM
Unsolicited call to my mobile.Do not know how they got the number.Rang off before I answered.
Edelgard complain on phone 1800 764 179
Sunday, February 05 2017 09:03 PM
I have had three calls in the early morning hours polling me about how I would vote in the Australian election even though I reside in Canada.
I can't vote in your election, so stop asking me!

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