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Australia Reverse Phone Lookup empowers you to connect with other individuals who have suffered with harassing calls. Not only can you register complaints about telemarketing calls, spam calls or prank callers, you are also able to carry out a reverse phone lookup to know who is making these calls.

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neil rickards complain on phone 1800 891 481
Monday, October 24 2016 06:14 AM
this is a scam close down your computer and restart again then run anti virus software
Jimi complain on phone 03 9008 3321
Monday, October 24 2016 03:17 AM
we been receiving calls from this number and saying that i am your customer but actually he is not. he is an indian and asking for information. fake
Emily complain on phone 03 8370 3306
Monday, October 24 2016 01:49 AM
This number seriously calls me 10 times a day !!
thanks to iPhone I have now blocked this caller!!!
Hans Zecevic complain on phone 02 8310 7911
Monday, October 24 2016 01:42 AM
spam locks up PC and advises above number should be contacted
Able complain on phone 1800 762 012
Monday, October 24 2016 01:36 AM
This number belongs to the biggest 3rd World Corporation in the world - TELSTRA.
Don't ever bother ringing it, all you get is monkeys in some 3rd country who have no idea how to help you, geeez that sounds like Telstra doesn't it :)
Steve complain on phone 08 8307 6215
Sunday, October 23 2016 08:38 PM
This number just wasted 60 seconds of my life. And probably 9 other people that went for their phones as well. I hope the tenth told them to go....
Annette McCoy complain on phone 03 8744 7632
Sunday, October 23 2016 08:00 PM
a number of calls on an almost daily basis
John complain on phone 1800 891 481
Saturday, October 22 2016 10:58 PM
Yes Indian scammers,you can see people messing with them on Youtube :)

Do not give them ANY info
brian complain on phone 1300 364 054
Saturday, October 22 2016 02:16 AM
Ive aslso Received unsolicited SMS, one per week for
payment from funnyvid the Pptout number
provided was 1300 464 05. I rung this number twice.The answer "this number is not available at present try again in a short time". voice was Filipino,
a clear scam.
I checked my telstra bill and found 5 Third Party purchases billled me for $35.95....I never use any funny vid!
Phoned telstra..After some confusion found the bill at their end had no third party why is in on my Telstra account?
This need action taken. This scamming traces back to Telstra 3rd party practices
Annette complain on phone 07 3106 8986
Saturday, October 22 2016 12:42 AM
I've received multiple calls from this phone number: (07) 31068986 claiming I can receive compensation from a recent "minor" car accident which someone at this residence apparently had in the last two years.

They requested my personal details which I would not give them. They said they are from CMC (Claims Management Company) in Brisbane.

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