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Areef Rehman complain on phone 04 1200 1643
Thursday, March 30 2017 03:16 AM
I live in Pakistan and I have received a text message which clearly states that I have won a car worth more than 33 thousand dollars. This information was sent to me from a bank named HBL, which (according to the sms) is in corporation with ZONG (a telephone company also in Pakistan). Please check into this matter soon.
Craig M complain on phone 03 7002 4303
Thursday, March 30 2017 02:53 AM
Same - says he is with Optus and wants to come and see me to explain the NBN - - I'm in Sydney and he is in Melbourne?? (I said) - - when I said I was already with Optus he hung up.
Tai complain on phone 07 5595 9540
Thursday, March 30 2017 02:33 AM
This number called me few times saying they need to refund my money back but they need me to get on a computer first to confirm my customer ID number. I asked them few questions which I got some answers but didn't match up. They tried to get into my computer so told them to eff off and I hung up. They sounded Indians
Rob complain on phone 02 8378 7970
Thursday, March 30 2017 02:17 AM
My elderly mother was called by this number about Centrelink owing her pension money. Unfortunately she called back a few days later and because they answered the phone as "Dept of Human Services - Centrelink, she thought it legit and gave out personal info. Since confirmed as a scam to get people's pensions diverted to an alternate bank account. A FRAUD
Valerie complain on phone 02 8045 5700
Thursday, March 30 2017 12:33 AM
I continually get calls from this number, sometime several times a day. They never leave a message so I do not answer the calls. I would like to know who the caller is (?)
Lee-Anne Bishop complain on phone 04 1367 6277
Thursday, March 30 2017 12:31 AM
I am.receiving multiple calls a day from this number stating ive had a recent car accident & they are asking for personal details. I have had no accident & they still continue to call.
Anon complain on phone 02 8378 7970
Thursday, March 30 2017 12:07 AM
Received a recorded msg asking to call back regarding a channge to pension with Centrelink when I called I got a recorded welcome in and American voice then put through to an Indian sounding female and when I asked if this was a scam she hesitated and then ended the call
Wendy Nicholas complain on phone 02 8378 7970
Wednesday, March 29 2017 11:12 PM
Received an automated recording saying that it was Centrelink and that I owed them money. Despite repeated letters they had sent, I had not answered, therefore my file was being sent to Canberra. If I phoned this number I would be able to sort it out. I phoned this number and spoke to a female with an accent who wanted all my details. I did not give her my security number. She said that she could not open my file without it. I said I would go to a Centrelink office and sort out. She said I could sort out there. I rang Centrelink on their number and noticed that there was a long wait and a few little differences with their call waiting. I spoke to someone after some time. He said I do not owe money and there have been no letters issued. He said Centrelink never do recorded messages on the phone. If you hear one then hang up straight away it is a hoax.
johnny complain on phone 1800 016 228
Wednesday, March 29 2017 09:42 PM
they are representing microsoft but they are not
Sara complain on phone 02 8072 3874
Wednesday, March 29 2017 06:55 PM
This number keeps prank calling 1 ring then hangs up
carmen complain on phone 08 6377 7234
Wednesday, March 29 2017 08:03 AM
harrasing me all the time , 3-4
times a day! when i returned call it says ..optus advises that this no is dissconnected !
next time it rang i took call and was some telemarketing... bali getaway! so i told him to stop ringing because its harrasment when calling so many times!
i have more important things to do!!
Donna Capitelli complain on phone 02 8378 7970
Wednesday, March 29 2017 01:59 AM
Initial call was a recorded message supposedly from Centrelink stating an application number and with this phone number. Subject was pension backpay. When I returned the call a female with an accent, posing as Centrelink dept. asking all the appropriate security questions. In the end they said there was no issue and it must have been a mistake.
Sam complain on phone 02 8836 4305
Tuesday, March 28 2017 11:05 PM
DEBT COLLLECTORS Complete Credit Solutions
Elissa complain on phone 1800 619 520
Tuesday, March 28 2017 04:54 AM
Scam. Don't call. They want access to your computer.
Shameer complain on phone 1800 954 279
Tuesday, March 28 2017 04:17 AM
Pretending to Microsoft just to get your credit card details. Please stay away from these Indian idiots.
susan complain on phone 03 8592 6274
Tuesday, March 28 2017 03:28 AM
continuos calls im on do not call register very annoying
Linda De-Jesus complain on phone 07 3703 1001
Monday, March 27 2017 11:36 PM
Received a phone call around 10.15am 28/03/17. Not the first phone call I have received from the number (07)3703 1001.

This occasion they asked for my 11 year old son, by name. The quality of the call to my mobile was below average and when asked why they want an 11 year old (minor), they repeated the phrase "you have had a motor accident in the past 12months and as such weare contacting you today". My query is, why do they have my sons name and why would they want to discuss an accident that has not happened. This phone call is borderline Harassment and would love that the owner of such number be alerted to my concerns.
Tim Parkes complain on phone 04 0955 1789
Monday, March 27 2017 10:29 PM
This number is a scam. DO not ring it is NOT Microsoft. My computer has been hijacked by this virus. Ring your service provider. Error code is 100-039-081.
Pissed off complain on phone 02 8416 8059
Monday, March 27 2017 02:18 AM
Original location says Avalon (Sydney's Northern Beaches), but this could just be where it last diverted/bounced from. Calls regularly but never speaks when I answer, hangs up shortly after. Sounds like it is from a call centre. If I miss the call no voice mail is left. When I call back it is not answered.
Dianne complain on phone 07 5595 9540
Sunday, March 26 2017 10:49 PM
Just got a phone call from this number. The caller was Asian said his name was Thomas he said "We have information with regards to other people using your internet." I became suspicious & said "Gee that is funny I don't have the internet at the moment" Then he asked "If I had a computer or Laptop?" I said "no it blew up" he hung up. This is the third time they have called, twice last week but I did not answer because I didn't know the number! Today I answered.

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