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Julie H complain on phone 1300 885 124
Monday, October 15 2018 07:05 AM
Text message received today purporting to be RACV saying my home insurance was overdue and I'm now not insured. It said it was due on 15/5/2016 (yes, 2016. It is now 15/10/2018) Oddly enough, I was 5 days late in paying for with an insurance policy recently. The reference number is similar but not the same. There was a link attached to the sms (of course) which I didn't follow but it's all made to look like it's from RACV. Oh, guess what the reference number is? 1234567891111. Seriously? This is a scam.
sam Setiawan complain on phone 1902 256 241
Monday, October 15 2018 04:50 AM
I dont believe i called this no and yet it charges a premium call
Maryanne Lia complain on phone 1300 360 986
Monday, October 15 2018 04:09 AM
I received an urgent payment reminder for an amount that I believe is incorrect and much more than expected
Val Gallacher complain on phone 02 9271 4100
Sunday, October 14 2018 10:45 PM
I believe this is related to a credit card scam. I got a message from this number saying it was American Express in regards to my application for an AMEX card. I phoned back but just got an answer machine playing music. I have checked with my credit report which states that someone has my details and is trying to obtain a credit card. American Express does not recognise this number
Phil complain on phone 02 8331 4419
Sunday, October 14 2018 10:36 PM
Son was rung re NDIS-quizzed extensively-put phone down when realised possible scam. I rang NDIS- they have no knowledge of number. Presume it is a scam.
Kate Tetzner complain on phone 03 9028 7654
Friday, October 12 2018 02:13 AM
Indian caller
Saying they're a taxation officer, demanding personal information
cautious complain on phone 03 9028 7654
Friday, October 12 2018 12:53 AM
I got a missed call from this number and I rang back. Someone with strong Indian accent says that he's from Australian Taxation Office. I said I just rang back due to the missed call. He then ask if I can provide my personal details. I felt something fishy. I said I will call again on the number that is listed on the ATO website. He didn't said anything. I hung up.

I then googled the number and come across the above notes. So, this is definitely a scammer. Beware people !
Martin Hahnheuser complain on phone 04 3723 2873
Thursday, October 11 2018 12:35 PM
Received on mobile phone at 2:30 am on 12/10/2018

Forced check on elderly parent approx 5 km away, thinking possible RAA alarm security service call from pendant.

Unable to return call as caller ID was blocked to establish call identity

....possible hoax caller?
David Oconnell complain on phone 04 6615 5044
Thursday, October 11 2018 03:50 AM
No one speaks when answered.
Kay complain on phone 04 3773 8333
Thursday, October 11 2018 02:25 AM
Prank caller called “Nicole”
Steffen Tuck complain on phone 04 0283 8020
Thursday, October 11 2018 12:42 AM
they ring and immediately hang up
Darko Krejic complain on phone 04 1739 2784
Wednesday, October 10 2018 11:39 PM
I bought a ps4 from this person. He never sent it and also never responded to my emails. Stole my money.
Jack Funk complain on phone 02 9053 9616
Wednesday, October 10 2018 11:14 PM
Missed call from this number. Only rang for a few seconds and did not leave a message.
Other website lists complaints about this number in recent days.
Dave complain on phone 02 8082 5042
Wednesday, October 10 2018 05:08 PM
Cant get back to this caller - repetitively hung up on after 1st or second ring
liz complain on phone 03 9081 1080
Wednesday, October 10 2018 03:29 AM
Frequent phone calls from this number but no one ever speaks, they just sit in silence for a while & then hang up
Sharyn complain on phone 02 4943 5889
Wednesday, October 10 2018 01:32 AM
Calls....when tried to call back get a Telstra recording saying the mobile number is disconnected?
Stephanie Leigh complain on phone 02 8091 3102
Tuesday, October 09 2018 09:37 PM
Vikash kumar singh complain on phone 1800 111 109
Tuesday, October 09 2018 05:29 AM
5000 note widrols 6/10/2018
Steven complain on phone 02 8091 7101
Tuesday, October 09 2018 03:02 AM
Rang my daughter claiming to be ato
Demanding tax file number
Or go to jail if she doesn’t give it
Alicia Larritt complain on phone 02 4042 7013
Tuesday, October 09 2018 02:58 AM
Called me 2 times within an hour and hung up in my ear

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