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Complaints for phone number 1900 922 250

There are 4 reported complaints for phone number: 1900 922 250. Add your complaint

Damien McKay
Saturday, July 28 2018 07:23 PM
This no is on my phone bill and it cost $56 i am furious as im on pension and dont know or never had anything like this before im with dodo this call lasted for 8mins
Geetha Jayasuriya
Wednesday, July 11 2018 09:34 AM
I have been charged around $30 for calls to this number at 2:30 in the morning!!Never called this number. What is this number??
Russell Davies
Wednesday, May 30 2018 08:01 AM
I I received a bill from Telstra for 497.69 for a call to this number. I never called the number, and am not a Telstra customer anyway. How did they get my name and address when I am an Optus customer?
Barton Glindemann
Monday, May 21 2018 05:26 AM
Never called this number but was charged $85 from telstra and we aren't even with them we are with optus

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