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Complaints for phone number 1800 958 223

There are 6 reported complaints for phone number: 1800 958 223. Add your complaint

Thursday, March 23 2017 10:46 PM
I hung up soon after he told me to hold the shift button down and reopen safari and it asked for a code thats as far as i got hoping he never got anything from me doing that.
satinder KAUR
Wednesday, February 15 2017 11:11 AM
they took my money and also access my computer to download some anti virus please let me know what can i do....
Thursday, February 09 2017 04:47 AM
Same scenario for me and felt dodgy. Glad I checked and found these comments.
Tuesday, February 07 2017 06:18 AM
Exactly the same as the other comments. Using my MacBook alert popped up that my network was not secure and I needed to call the number to prevent my computer from being disabled. Searched the web address on my phone and same info popped up. I called, and thought it was very dodgy from the start, no identification given and wanted me to give lots of information. Again, call centre noise in background, spoke with an accent but understandable English. Do not give them any info.
Sunday, February 05 2017 08:12 AM
Similar scenario to the first complaint by Jennifer except the guy spoke English very well but with a heavy foreign accent. The background noise was like a call centre. He wanted access to my Apple computer to see what the problem was and that he could fix it as the error message on my computer meant an Apple security issue and my credit card details, Facebook and photos were being stolen. Things didn't sound right, I said I didn't believe him so I hung up and switched everything off. I googled the number and found this site
Jennifer Tarr
Friday, January 27 2017 02:29 AM
Was sent message on computer that my apple computer was blocked by apple as it had been attacked by virus & spyware & was stealing my credit card details, facebook login & my email account & personal photos, when called the individual had very limited english (Pakistani) i was to pay $199 for a new security system to be installed. I was to download teamviewer or citrix to enable apples security technician to repair. when i said i had no money he hung up.

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