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Complaints for phone number 1300 352 978

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Dianne Wilson
Wednesday, February 06 2013 05:26 PM
I got 3 calls on my land line from 1300352978 and each time I was not home, they left a detailed msg and asked me to return the call and also left a reference number.
I returned the call Monday, when I got through they asked for the reference number but would not tell me what the call was about, but still wanted information from me... was the name they said my name ? it was very similar but not my name, they asked me my birthdate but still did not tell me who they were or why I got the call, I gave them my date of birth and then they asked if it may have been a relative of mine, I said no it wasnt and asked again what it all was about... they still would not tell me and said that they would delete my details and then hung up...the man that I spoke to sounded to be an authoritarian figure and "bounced me" I tried to "bounce him back" but he would not give an inch...
I still dont know who he was and am worried that someone may try and steal my identity as now they have my date of birth, my land line phone number, so if they have that they must have my address... I am not happy at all with this call... thank you Dianne Wilson

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