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Victoria, Tasmania

Complaints for phone number 03 9452 6096

There are 14 reported complaints for phone number: 03 9452 6096. Add your complaint

Friday, August 17 2012 04:03 AM
This number calls all the time then hangs up, at least three times a day at varying hours. Inconvenience.
Thursday, August 16 2012 09:37 PM
Continuous calling and hanging up when I answer the phone.
Thursday, August 16 2012 04:42 AM
Keep getting phone calls twice a day. When you pick up, they hang up. Very very annoying.
Tuesday, August 14 2012 04:12 AM
this number was calling me three times a day,when i pick up, the line just cut off by somebody,so it is very anoying,it starts to happen one week ago
Victoria Churchill
Tuesday, August 14 2012 12:18 AM
Repeated calls to mobile phone, most missed however when answered caller hangs up within a few seconds.
Thursday, August 09 2012 02:58 AM
called me so many times they said from sydney
Thursday, August 09 2012 01:02 AM
I one to three phone calls from this number most days. If I answer the call cuts out immediately. If I call back I get a recorded message.
Wednesday, August 08 2012 12:25 AM
someone called me for many times by using this number, it disturbed me so much.
Monday, August 06 2012 04:34 AM
Calling up to twic a day, and when answered just hangs up! Very frustrating!
Joshua McCartney
Friday, August 03 2012 04:21 AM
been called by the number 2 times a day for the last week.
Wan-Jou Bloomfield
Thursday, August 02 2012 04:13 AM
this number keep calling me at lease 4 times a day and hangs up within a few seconds. it's really annoy! and sometimes they change to this number 02-89560469. it's from avon insurance something(?) not sure. can u please do something about that. thanks!
wendy phillips
Thursday, August 02 2012 04:03 AM
I am getting at least three calls a day from this number. I tried calling back, got a recorded message saying they are marketing for financial advisers. After doing a web search I can see that many people are having the same problem. I consider the number of call they are making as being harassment, especially as you cant leave a message for them requesting them to desist in making these annoyingly endless calls.Is there any way they can be stopped from doing this please?
Thursday, August 02 2012 12:59 AM
Continual phone calls at least once a day for the last two weeks. The number hangs up after about 5 seconds without saying anything.
Sunday, July 29 2012 09:29 PM
Person calling from this number hung up as I answered the call.

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