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Complaints for phone number 1800 958 240

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Dee suwalk
Friday, January 27 2017 04:31 AM
Same issue, trying to stream and watch a movie, the following message pops up in first window and 2nd window pop up we can't get rid of either of them

First window:
critical alert from windows : your computer has been blocked
windows has detected suspicious activity from your ip address
some virus spyware have caused a security breach at your network location
- proceeds to tell you to ring number

2nd window:
Windows security Microsoft edge
the server d65yzt2806obr.cloudfront.netis asking for your username and password

at the bottom of the computer screen is another warning advising that if you shutdown or attempt to close your computer will lose data and that hackers might get in so ring 1800 958 240

you can't cancel the 2nd box or close it which prevents the 1st box from closing, we basically can't do anything with Internet explorer however could still access all files emails and open a new Internet page.

When we opened a new Internet page then clicked closed, a new window came up asking if we want to close all tabs, the 2nd pop up window asking for username still prevents you but we managed to quickly 'cancel ' username window then quickly click close all tabs and managed to close internet

we haven't reopened it yet are going to shutdown and unplug and then see what happens when we start it again. fingers crossed
Tina punnikul
Sunday, January 08 2017 12:02 AM
Hi I am using surface to watch movies online suddenly it's show messages error need to call1800958240 immediately. Then I call them but sound wired so halfway that they work on my surface and then I disconnect. At the moment , I can't use my surface anymore

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