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Complaints for phone number 1800 774 049

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Sunday, July 29 2018 10:20 PM
They did a very good job at sounding like the real deal. They tried very hard on the phone to convince me that they were Telstra and calling from Telstra Business Centre. They knew several details about me but tried to get more details out of me (like my date of birth). To me, they sounded like genuine Telstra but I do not give or confirm details to anyone that calls me and I do not know for sure they are who they say they are. Asked them to send me an email. Inspection of the email headers showed that they're definitely not Telstra. Headers showed they were definitely trying to masquerade as Telstra. 100% dodgy.
Julie Bishop
Tuesday, June 26 2018 01:49 AM
Same as Sandra Mullaly. Supposedly Telstra Business centre - they are actually TSA telco group.
Trying to get me to commit to a 24 month contract to hook up NBN and that it would cost me an additional $10 per month on top of current 'contract'.
No direct answers to my questions, I was skeptical so they gave me this number
Peta Lidster
Tuesday, January 17 2017 07:11 PM
Very disappointed and frustrated with the supposed purchase of a new phone. Total mix up,,has taken since the middle of December to get anywhere..waited for phone to arrive,it was the wrong phone. Then had to wait for a return satchel,returned said satchel and phone. No confirmation of returned goods. Ring again today to follow up on my only to be told there is no order.Have tried to ring the original person and number that I was given on several occasions to but of course she is not available..Have since rung my local Telstra Business Centre and they are trying to sort this out ..will never purchase this way again..
Sandra Mullaly
Thursday, November 10 2016 02:10 AM
Supposedly Telstra Business call centre.
They are NOT!
Trying to redo contract for NBN as my other one was a) cancelled and the other story b) was it was never organised.
Very convincing as Telstra. Wasted all day chasing it up.
Real Telstra exposed them via Google and is very interested.

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