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Complaints for phone number 1800 462 425

There are 8 reported complaints for phone number: 1800 462 425. Add your complaint

Sunday, August 20 2017 08:19 PM
Received a call from this number. Didn't feel comfortable giving personal information to supposedly verify me so took the persons name and number. It was this number that I rang back. The person who answered my call said I didnt have to speak to the original person I spoke with and that they could help me. They didnt speak much but I heard alot of call centre background noise of other calls going on (not very secure) and the person I was talking to was typing on their keyboard, but not talking to me (no questions, not much said at all), so I eventually hung up. Very odd indeed! This number is on the Human Resources website but I still worry its not legitimate.
Tuesday, August 08 2017 02:25 AM
It is DHS/centrelink debt recovery line, the phone number is listed on their website.
Thursday, September 22 2016 07:22 PM
i received a call from this number saying they call from centrelink,asking me my my date of birth and house address.i have a doubt and asked her to give me the details and will call her back.i checked up details and saw this number is scam
Thursday, September 08 2016 05:34 AM
I have received a letter from Centrelink with this number as a call back. They said I owed $15000.
Thursday, August 11 2016 04:10 AM
Received a call from 1800462425 claiming to be DHS, saying they overpaid me by $12, 500 and i needed to complete a "Pay as you go" scheme. I also checked with DHS, information is incorrect. Definitely a scam... be careful
Sunday, July 31 2016 11:15 PM
I received a call and they started asking me what bank accounts I had, and listing off names off banks I do not have, including banks that have shut down! I told them to give me details to call them back as it seemed very suspicious.
Thursday, July 14 2016 09:00 PM
Well, I just took a call from this number, rang it back, and can confirm that it was the Human Services debt recovery branch. The phone number isn't listed yet, and they have taken the feedback on board that it is showing up as a scam phone number.
Monday, July 11 2016 01:12 AM
Took a call from 180 462 425 claiming to be from DHS saying I owe a large amount to the Commonwealth, and that I must make IMMEDIATE payment arrangement. I checked with DHS and found this to be incorrect. Ignore/report calls from this number.

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