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Complaints for phone number 1800 213 922

There are 63 reported complaints for phone number: 1800 213 922. Add your complaint

Saturday, August 20 2016 05:35 AM
This is phone number is a SCAM and is 'ransomware' - or at least an attempt at RANSOMWARE. It uses a fake MICROSOFT webpage as its 'front' to make it look genuine. They also include on the popup warning the name of a real trojan virus to help try and convince unsuspecting users. e.g. Win32.vbrat. When users search this virus it does in fact exist BUT your PC is not infected the alleged virus above. The use of the name of the virus is purely to trick you. (Note: instead you may actually be infected by the Ransom Trojan listed below) This warning, pop-up message (+ VOICE message) will lock your browser and scare users into ringing the 1800 213 922 number and pay money to disinfect your computer. DO NOT DO THIS - at this stage you are not infected in nay bad way, but if you ring the number they will request access to your computer and payment to 'FIX' your computer. I repeat DO NOT do this. If you call them and give them access then this is when they will access you faceboook, photos, bank details, and use up your credit card in minutes. It is best to simply shut down your PC and then restart it. You are free to use your computer and ready to go. Nothing has infact happened other than just a decent scare. However, for users who are still worried by this fake ransomware, please update your security software and do a complete scan of your Computer or ask some trusted person to do this for you as your PC may have this Trojan now sitting on it Rogue:JS/TechBrolo.A or Ransom:JS/TechBrolo.A which display the ransomware message. Cheers everyone. Please can you report the phone number and this RANSOMWARE Phone number and TROJAN to SCAMWATCH AUSTRALIA at Scamwatch ACCC Infocentre on 1300 795 995 or online at
Tuesday, July 19 2016 02:55 AM
To ALL falling into this scam.
Your computer do not have any virus or malware being install. ONLY your internet browser has been disabled resulting a total freeze of active application.
"YOU NEED TO CLOSE OR SHUTDOWN YOUR COMPUTER AND RESTART" = Nothing has changed or been modified. ASAP Clear your internet history + ALL cookies + WEBB PASSWORD.

There is NO way that anyone can access your personal. However if you give them physiclly access to your computer through REMOTE CONTROL,then possibilities are that you are giving them (legally) access to your PERSONAL BANK DETAILS.
Saturday, July 16 2016 10:34 AM
What do I do because I fell for their scam and gave them my address phone number, email and my credit card details! I am so scared!
Can anyone help?
Saturday, July 16 2016 02:16 AM
How to kill a scam by flooding their call centre with a 1800 prefix. I call that 1800213922 (six) 6 time a minute on my mobile redial button. I have call them about 2160 time in span og 6 hours.. I am doing it while surfing the internet. Btw, I am at home without any real occupation, excepted reading news and surf for porn.I have done it with a similar scam centre 1800621978.. there is no more access to that phone number. I have made about 17280 calls ( dial.. connect.. end call ) or 6 calls a minutes.. my goal is to make them pay a huge bill from Telecom. We can organised a small team if someone is interested to bust those Indians scum scammers.
Friday, July 15 2016 10:21 PM
SCAM!!!A message popped up on my screen saying your computer is at risk please call on this number to assist you. Its a scam. Please dont call on this number. They will try to start remote seesion on your computer and then will hack all your details.
Friday, July 15 2016 08:04 AM
Scams Scams.

I have made several thousand automated call which the scam owner HAS TO PAY any cost made from my mobile phone.I will create a phone bill of several thousand calls
Friday, July 15 2016 07:17 AM
indian ladies try to get my info just hang up
Thursday, July 14 2016 04:40 AM
Popped up and said that I need to call number if I closed the window Microsoft would lock my computer.
Tuesday, July 12 2016 03:10 AM
Something which said Apple official help popped up on safari. It was saying hackers took my information of credit cards and accounts and my pictures from my MacBook, if you close this before call us we will forced to do ------. I don't remember what that exactly said. I tried to close that but I couldn't. So I restarted my laptop. Now everything seems good. But I want to know how to avoid from some viruses and scams like that.
Friday, July 08 2016 04:09 AM
this number is given to you and you are told your computer has a virus, luckily my caller ID was off so they have no way of tracking me but by calling them you are basically giving them access to your computer and they are able to load it up with malware and viruses, lease avoid calling this number and if you do change all your passwords, block location tracking, etc. for a while

please avoid calling this number it is the biggest scam ever!
Thursday, July 07 2016 06:21 AM
The virus alert poped ,which asked to dial this number.The operator sound doubtful.
Ravinder singh
Sunday, July 03 2016 11:34 AM
My computer suddenly popped up a window and voice came out that my computer has been blocked call immediately on this number, he quickly picked up the phn and talk in fake accent and took remote acess without any permission, and said that i need to pay him $200 i said why , then i said u r not genuine he stop talking
And my husband said cut the phn he is fraud i did and after some time he had acess to my computer i shut down my computer and change my password tell me where to report them tell me
Friday, July 01 2016 11:35 PM
I just got this pop up, I freaked and turned my computer off, once I restarted it, it was back to normal as far as I could tell. But Is there something I should be doing to clean or fix the computer at all? (I'm not a big computer person)
Thursday, June 30 2016 11:00 PM
It is a totally scam.
I fell for it and gave them temote access to my computer. I am now freaking out, what they are going to do with all the information. They obviously loaded my computer with malware, viruses etc
Hoping Harman can tell me what there main objective was? When they started talking money i finally realize i was scammed. Didnt give them credit card details but i am assuming they got everything they needed of the computer.
Thursday, June 30 2016 07:30 AM
SCAM SCAM! They need to be shot! Thankfully I searched the phone number during the conversation.
Thursday, June 30 2016 03:57 AM
I got f#@king SCAMMED!!
Gave them access to my computer.
Wednesday, June 29 2016 10:16 AM

LOOKS REAL....shut down and restart.
Denise Bekut
Tuesday, June 28 2016 10:19 PM
The biggest scam and they make out there from Mac! They tried to get $300 out of me. I will be taken this further.. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Monday, June 27 2016 08:31 PM
Same problem,a scam wish to scare people to pay them. Anyway to report to police or stop them from this criminal behavior?
Saturday, June 25 2016 10:03 PM
I had the same issue, I called and when I asked if they where windows tech support he inmidiatelly interrupted me saying that it was necessary to connect his computer with my laptop so he could check it from the central. I inmidiatelly told him that I didn't want it because if is a safety protocol there should be a different way to proceed. He told me that it was my call but that for the good of my computer that would be the proper procedure. I told him that it should be possible and asked for the manager inmidiatelly.
Friday, June 24 2016 11:54 AM
spam my computer and said was from AppleCare and I needed to call them immediately otherwise my computer will be infected
Friday, June 24 2016 09:31 AM
I had the same experience. It's so horrifying how much this scam looked legit. When the error notice popped up, the Microsoft site looked legitimate and had the certified link and all. Luckily I was also doubtful and had my phone on private and was cautious. I called the number 1800213922 and it was operated by a robot voice which kept telling me I would be assisted by the next available person. It took about 15 seconds, to finally hear a human voice...Belonging to an Indian dude. I could hear in the background men talking. I told him what happened and he then asked me for my details. I merely told him my name (to which he only got the first 3 letters? The second thing that seemed suspicious), and for "security purposes" he asked for my birthday to which I replied . He then said he'd look into it and said something about looking at my keyboard...Then suddenly, the line disconnected. I then knew something was fishy so I quickly disconnected my internet and turned off my laptop. Smh. I can't believe I fell for it at first, esp bc the error said my Facebook, credit card details etc we're currently being stolen, and that was what made me call them. Is there anything I could do to protect my laptop? Could they have still accessed it in that small time, and with that very limited information of me? I'm scared to use my laptop now because of this. I hope people become well aware of these scams.
Thursday, June 23 2016 11:13 AM
I gave my home but not bank account details
Then he hang up then I checked the number on the internet it was all bullshit this is not good I'm upset.
Thursday, June 23 2016 02:55 AM
same as all the others. tried to get $100 to fix your computer.
Wednesday, June 22 2016 06:26 AM
i am a techie , a friend told me she have some virus and want me to help.i saw the screen shot over the phone and i know straight away it is a scam . she told me she did rang and ask for help but when she said she think about the fee , the guy hang up straight away which she thought he is very strange and rude .
ok the reason why the scammer hanged up because 1800 number would cost them divert fee and duration of the call fee as well guy if you want to flight back them 10 time or as much as you like cost you no money but you will bankrupt their phone bills ...potent you fail in to their scam but give them nothing and pretend dumb and take as long as you like to get a laugh at it then you will flight back these type of scumbag you tube " scam the scammer " you can see a lot of funny example what you can do " to flight these scammer back ...make them angry ...because they get nothing from us but the phone bills .cheers
Eh Poe
Wednesday, June 22 2016 04:12 AM
my computer has been blocked and to contact microsoft on this number. Spoke to an indian guy who ask me it wou;d cost USD to fix. Proceeded to ask for my name, email, address, phone number and card detais. The voice that i used to heard from DODO WIFI technical support team, because i had been talk to them more than 10 times. He call back to me with this number +1(1)(866)986-3669
Monday, June 20 2016 11:30 AM
same thing happen with me but i was not like you i turn-off the computer and started research on this and i come to know about the whole scam then i call them they ask me to do some steps the main process of hacking starts from here.. he told me to follow some steps but i did't follow any one and i told him i am following him.. after that when he did't get and access to my computer he get angry on me... the i told him don't tried to make me fool i am also indian.. after that he expose whole process of hacking..

the simple way to prevent your self turn-off computer and clear all history cookies and caches of browser
Monday, June 20 2016 01:30 AM
I got the same message like you do. This is a scam. Luckily i didn't fall for it but i did call the number. Indian guy at the other end. When he said he wants to know my computer model, I challenged him how could I know he is not a scammer (I did not know he was) and told him i would call back. I think the trick they do is to take control of your computer and ask for a ransome.

I am running all Antivirus and Anti-Malware on my computer.

Never never call back a number pop up on your computer, regardless. Never give anyone you don't know your info, password, credit card.
Saturday, June 18 2016 08:09 AM
Scammers. Do not call. Pop up appeared with this number. I disconnected line from the net. Researched and found many complaints. If called hang up.
Saturday, June 18 2016 06:57 AM
this is one of those pop ups that looks so real they get u to type in a code into ur windows search key then a website which after clicking search allows them full access to your computer including every detail number and code typed into it... i rang acted friendly then said i'd be reporting it! just for fun and to waste there sad time!
keith ferguson
Saturday, June 18 2016 06:26 AM
Uc.exe this tells you to ring the above number. My 11 yr old was playing games with a school friend then 14 yr old turns pc on, and McAfee finds a trojan, then the message says you have been blocked. Ring this number. Cont/alt/delete log out restart. Will do a malware clean later.
Saturday, June 18 2016 12:03 AM
I had a pop up dialogue box come up from Microsoft...with 2683D error number saying that my computer will be blocked if I don't call 1800213922 and if I close the dialogue box without calling my computer will not be able to accessed. I called the number and a foreign voice said to be able to fix the problem he will need to access my computer remotely. The red flag immediately came to mind. I declined his instructions luckily enough and then did a search of the 1800 number. SCAMMERS AND HACKERS BEWARE!!!!! THIEVES
Friday, June 17 2016 09:52 PM
my computer keeps replaying the virus calling and it annoys me...when i try and call the number it says line is busy.. so right now i am very annoyed i don't know what to do to my computer whether to turn it off or restart
Friday, June 17 2016 08:29 PM
Scam scam scam don't even bother calling these idiots
Friday, June 17 2016 02:48 PM
I got a message on my safari browser to call 1800 213 922 because my mac has been blocked. They made me download "citrix" put my name and the code in. Also asked me to pay $170.00. I asked where they were located, i was told California and second round India. This is a scam guys, don't fall for it. Luckily for me i never gave my credit card details but was nearly fooled till i done my research and hung up.
Friday, June 17 2016 10:06 AM
Lol can't believe I almost fell for it, it popped up on my screen and I called the number. When the other end picked up, I heard breathing, like really deep breaths. I hung up immediately. It was disgusting. Just irritable and so mean. Please ban this scam. So unnecessary. I am forever haunted by the breaths of that scammer. Ugh.
Thursday, June 16 2016 06:01 PM
I was hoping to hear an American accent but only some Indian guy. Honestly I told him I would pay for an engineer to check my insecure laptop a week after, as I did not have the US199.00 he requested. After visiting this page I now realize it's just another stupid scam. How can they be so dumb trying to help when they are ripping money out of peoples' credit card. STUPID. I'm so lucky not to fall for them. Thanks guys!
Wednesday, June 15 2016 04:32 AM
An alert popped up on my laptop saying that if I don't call the number immediately, they would be forced to block my laptop. There was a voice saying that it would send my Facebook logins, credit card details and emails and unleash spyware to hackers remotely. I was so scared so I immediately covered my webcam with a sticker and called the number! This Indian guy answered. He sounded so logical like an IT person that actually wanted to help me but apparently he was a hacker. I didn't give him any personal details and hung up. I can't believe I was so stupid! PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER!!!
Adam Wayne Smyth
Tuesday, June 14 2016 09:08 AM
If they harrass me again ill finish them
In un despicable means
My word
Tuesday, June 14 2016 06:19 AM
14th June 2016. Yep crusty little Indians scamming people's computers...just working through getting their hooks off the Mac.... It's not a papadam.... You Naughty Indian... Ok so you.. Option command esc hold all 3 down... Force quit.... Then hold shift key down when restarting safari then remove all cookies and delete any downloads... Back to Mumbai slum dog
Sunday, June 12 2016 08:47 AM
Had the same problem with my lap.. it appeared that my laptop was infected by viruses and its sending my bank details fb loging details email etc... i called them and they accessed into my lap and they showed me some problm with my lap..I'd been asking to pay 200$US and I said I cant. then he said jz pay 100$ at least.initially i was going to pay..then realized it was a scam..dont pay do that////
Saturday, June 11 2016 07:20 PM
This number popped up on my computer screen as a Apple help desk saying that my computer has been infected with a spy ware to call them immediately, so I did. When they asked my to pay US$299 I have disconnected my call.
Saturday, June 11 2016 07:16 PM
This number popped up on my computer screen as a Apple help desk saying that my computer has been infected with a spy ware to call them immediately, so I did. When they asked my to pay US$299 I have disconnected my call.
Saturday, June 11 2016 09:10 AM
Indian guy answered. I google the number while induan guy was trying to remotely access my partner's laptop.
I read it was a scam & he hung up. A minute later same indian guy called himon his mobile using a private number
Thursday, June 09 2016 10:45 PM
Huge scam dont fall for it!
Tuesday, June 07 2016 06:18 AM
Just had the same pop up on my pc i rang the no as i had a few to drink i let the access my pc upon reading all this i think i may have fudged up they did ask for my details but no bank account detail whre exchanged i am now not sure if giving them my details i have created a problem i dont use my oc for online banking and wont be now igues i will now minitor everything and hope nothing changes
Friday, June 03 2016 04:36 AM
my computer has been blocked .They provided the number mentioned above . I paid $207 and has given all my details like passport number, etc . So can anyone tell me what i do next
Thursday, June 02 2016 05:42 AM
It's a scam. The numbers are supplied by this company 1800 Numbers Australia whose phone number is 1800 13 00 13. I suggest everyone letting them know. I just left them a message and the m,ore people that do the more likely that they can stop this.
Wednesday, June 01 2016 05:44 AM
pop up staying that Apple has frozen your computer, call this number, download and let them in to have look, heard screaming in the back ground /disconnected the computer
Tuesday, May 31 2016 07:17 AM
These people are running scam to rob Austraian people.
Seems I can't report 1800 number anywhere to stop them.

It is an embarrassment to know these people running scam are Indian.
shiv pari
Tuesday, May 31 2016 03:31 AM
When I call they say "Technical Support" and than continue to pretend they are from Microsoft.
First they hijack web-browser with error code #268D3 with message that your Facebook loin, credit card details, email account and photos on computer are infected.
I called this number gave little bit of brushing.
These people running scam and I want to find out how to take away their Australian 1800 number.

Guys - do not pay them.
Sunday, May 29 2016 05:46 AM
Yes this number is definitely a scam. Come home to find out my girlfriend had fallen for this and used the credit card to pay for it. She doesn't get to hold the credit card anymore lol. Cancelled card and bank returned the money and found fraudulent activity im their investigation.
Sunday, May 29 2016 01:05 AM
I was browsing thru some indian websites, when my computer appeared to be blocked, with message stating that my computer has been infected with a virus and will be blocked by Microsoft, if I do not remove the virus from my system. I rang the above number, and an Indian guy picked somewhere in India. I asked him whether he represents Microsoft.... he said he is a third party and asked remote access to my computer to troubleshoot the problem at the cost of 200 American dollars. I hung the phone, shut and restart my computer and removed all the,'Internet temporary files'from my computer. It is a SCAM!!! Beware! Please don't give any details.... I must add though, that I was terrified by the urgency of the alert....
Saturday, May 28 2016 01:05 PM
Got the same message, rang the number and was told it would cost from $100- $1000 to rectify problem. Hung up disconnected computer. Using a different computer changed all my security settings and passwords
Saturday, May 28 2016 06:48 AM
I just got the same pop up, it said my computer was hacked, I called this number and a Indian guy told me to press my window button as well as 4 I did and the type help me, it was at this point I said hang on can I call you back, and I have not called back yet, so is this a scam how can we find out?
Friday, May 27 2016 03:15 AM
Same happened to me. Is it a scam? Lucky I contacted an IT friend who changed my mind.
Thursday, May 26 2016 11:12 PM
Hi All. When you get such pop ups! Go to task manager on your PC/laptop stop or kill the particular pop up task on the list. It will close that pop up at the back end & you wouldn't be get blocked.
Thursday, May 26 2016 08:38 PM
So it is a scam. I freaked out for a second, called the number and as you all it was an indian guy and he couldnt exactly explain why my computer had been saying that it was about to be blocked and why Microsoft needed to protect its own software. i quickly hung up and googled the number i had called which led me to this. thank you for this complaints section, i wouldnt have known without it.
Jin shi Shu
Thursday, May 26 2016 03:22 AM
Similar incident happened and they requested $170 to fix the issue. The person sounded non- native English speaker.
This definitely is a scam.
Wednesday, May 25 2016 05:02 AM
Same thing happen to me today i got a block message from Microsoft which froze my computer i rang the 1800213922 and an indian guy answered the phone asking me to download customer assist where he got on my computer and had a look at the problem and told me that in order to fix will cost $200 i quicky hanged up and stopped him from acessing my laptop. I have nothing on my laptop really and dont access it much i use my phone for banking but i still did reset all passwords just in case. The message also stated microsoft and jammed my computer.
Steve Mcammon
Tuesday, May 24 2016 07:55 AM
##FRAUD## Pop up sayng computer has been blocked and to contact microsoft on this number. Spoke to an indian guy who told me it wou;d cost $290 USD to fix. Proceeded to ask for my name, email, address, phone number and card detais. Proceed to hell him to get fcukd.
Tuesday, May 24 2016 05:59 AM
A similar thing just happened to my friend. when she rang the number they wanted $400 to fix her computer and remove a virus. i think this is definitely a scam
Rajdeep Kaur
Sunday, May 22 2016 10:02 PM
My computer has been blocked on saturday on 21 may 2016 and message pops up on the screen to call microsoft on 1800-213-922 so is it a right wrong of microsoft customer support or is there something wrong?

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