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Complaints for phone number 1300 663 881

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Monday, February 12 2018 12:38 AM
My monthly phone bill told me I've had 5 third party purchases for $44.95. I've since had telstra disable third party purchases for my account. I'm told academy is responsible for this. This can happen from accidentally clicking a banner on a website. Service providers should be more diligent on allowing this to happen, such as sending an email to confirm the charge is acceptable.
Thursday, August 18 2016 05:53 AM
I received this text and found out I have been paying $8.99 a week since April, that's around $35 a month. I called Telstra and they put me through to them. I didn't sign up for anything like this at all so all I can think is that they bought my info of Telstra. I have demanded a full refund and if I don't receive that I will take it further. Completely not right. So many would be paying it without knowing.
Sunday, August 14 2016 05:27 AM
I have been charged 8.99 per week for I have no idea what. 19789103 stop or 1300 663 881 HELP. neither are helpful numbers, I will ring my phone provider Optus tomorrow and talk to them as they are the ones collecting the money for this sham company as they are the ones who have charged me!! I just have no idea who the company that wants the money is
Sunday, June 26 2016 09:31 PM
Got this text today out of the blue, no idea what it's for or about

FreeMsg: Academy on the Move was unable to subscribe you due to a system error. You have not been charged. HELP:1300663881
Saturday, June 04 2016 07:01 AM
I received this text today. I will be contacting Telstra. Sick and tired of Telstra and their dodgy staff selling info.

Hi you've subscribed to Academy on the Move costing you $8.99/wk on your next bill. Optout SMS STOP to 19789103 or 1300663881
Saturday, May 28 2016 09:50 AM
From time time, I receive the following message
FreeMsg: Welcome to Academy on the Move subscription costs $8.99/wk charged to your mobile account. Opt-out send STOP to 19789103 HELP:1300663881
Saturday, May 28 2016 05:50 AM
I got this message twice todaay but i didnt have credit so i wasn't charged whats going on who is it
Craig Zwetsloot
Thursday, May 26 2016 01:41 AM
My wife has had the exact same text today.
Dojin cho
Thursday, May 19 2016 05:21 AM
Since yesterday i am getting below text msg from number 19789103 as below:-
FreeMsg: Welcome to Academy on the Move subscription costs $8.99/wk charged to your mobile account. Opt-out send STOP to 19789103 HELP:1300663881
Pls stop this.

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