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Complaints for phone number 1300 137 940

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Monday, June 20 2016 04:34 AM
Charges appeared on my wife’s mobile statement for May 2016 with iinet, who use the Optus network. Initially 6 premium charges @ $6.60c all of zero call duration all made at 1:46 am within 34 seconds of each other. Calls purport to be made both to and from my wife’s own phone number so we couldn’t identify the source. My wife’s iPhone logs show no call or texts either made or received.

Rang / emailed iinet several times over 2 weeks, said they would have to find out who the sender was from Optus - eventually identified sender as Dialogue.

Rang Dialogue on (02) 9231 2813 spoke to Lewis who said a company called Mobivate had initiated the charges claiming we had subscribed to their “Mad Prizes” competition. Told him we didn’t! Said he would follow up with Mobivate, also gave phone number as 1300 137 940. On calling phone is answered by machine asking for callers mobile, no way was I keying the number.

Mobivate website claims to have an Australian office in Victoria with a phone no (02) 8005 0303, call diverts to a call centre in Nottingham UK ring back was promised.
Monday, May 23 2016 03:41 AM
I received a $73 services charge on my wife's phone from this number. Contacted Optus who decided to credit the amount after I threatened to take this to both the Ombudsman as well as the Federal Fraud Squad.
The texts come through stating they are an Optus Alert for service outages . Optus tell me the details they have for the number is a company called MAB Prices Trivia and they a $6.00 a text.
I recieve these type of Optus alerts all the time but they are from Optus. These crooks are mimicking these and charging for a totally fraudulent service.
Contact you biller and tell them you are going to contact the ombudsman as this is a breach of the telecommunications act. Telstra are the real culprits because they own these numbers and lease them to these people. Part of the act requires them to ensure these numbers are not used for fraudulent purposes.
Wednesday, May 18 2016 08:30 PM
Charges from this organisation Dialogue Communications on my phone under third party purchases. Telstra say they can't do anything to stop them charging me and to ring number they listed on my bill. Ring the number who say they don't deal with these complaints, it is actually Glotxt? and you must ring another number. Ring that number and computer asks if you want to talk to a representative press 2, do that and after a while they ask you to leave your details and then they hang up.

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