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Complaints for phone number 07 5555 1899

There are 4 reported complaints for phone number: 07 5555 1899. Add your complaint

J Park
Thursday, October 20 2016 11:09 PM
This is a time share company in North Queensland. They ask for a particular person we know. We have been telling them for several years that they have the wrong number but they refuse to remove our phone number from their database. Like the others, you ring back, message says ""thanks for calling, we'll be with you shortly" then it hangs up.
Monday, October 17 2016 09:02 PM
Phoned several times, have answered twice with no response. Rang back with same response as Theresa and Lesa. Have now blocked their number.
Am on 'do not call' register
Theresa Nelson
Monday, May 16 2016 11:17 PM
This number has also called me and hung up when i answered and when i rang back there was a message "thanks for calling, we'll be with you shortly" then hangs up. I am tied of being scammed, so am reporting this.
Friday, May 13 2016 01:53 AM
This number has called me this afternoon three times and hung up as I've answered. I've tried calling back and was supplied with a 'thanks for calling, we'll be with you shortly' then hung up on again.

I cannot tolerate SPAM and I'm on the 'do not call' register and do not appreciate my time wasted like this. I notice that this number is also associated with a number of google sites written in what appears to be Chinese.....

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