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Complaints for phone number 07 3703 1001

There are 7 reported complaints for phone number: 07 3703 1001. Add your complaint

Monday, June 26 2017 08:43 PM
Just received a call from a Joe Turner from 1st Response Team, which he said was incorporated with National Insurance. Asked me about the accident I had in the last twelve months. Haven't been involved in a prang for almost twenty years. This is the sixth call in a fortnight, but not always from the same number. And my name is on the Do Not Call register.
Monday, May 22 2017 07:38 PM
Just had a phone call from this number. The usual "motor accident in last 12 months". I think the caller said he was from the First Responders group. I replied that I had not had an accident. He apologised and terminated the call.
Disgruntled donotcallregistered dame
Thursday, May 04 2017 12:55 AM
Wont disclose representatives full name, company, companies objective nor reason for actually dialling me.
Just asked alot of questions which i replied to with questions and then eventually i terminated the call when i realised he was fishing for particular identity details, to confirm that this Number belongs to a said name obviously for warm lead generation and Telemarketing sales.
These sales people should invest there time in obtaining a real job and stop coldcalling Do not call register members.
Reportimg to scamwatch.
Tuesday, April 11 2017 09:51 PM
I've had more than a couple of calls from this number.First time they TOLD ME I'd had an accident in the last 12 months.They obviously are able to get information somehow(illegally)about your history.Definately a scam which I will report to police.
John Johnston
Tuesday, April 04 2017 05:02 AM
Received a call from 3703 1001 at 1819 today. Same format as that reported by Linda De-Jesus except the caller asked for me. I questioned the caller - she hurriedly terminated the call by saying I will take you off the list.
Tuesday, April 04 2017 12:47 AM
I received a call from this number asking about an accident I was involved in. They were asking about injuries sustained and that there were 'fund' set aside for me from the 3rd party insurance. When I said I was not injured they proceeded to 'prompt' me to say that I had headaches or general aches and pains following the accident - they were very 'pushy'When I asked them questions ie: their name it was given reluctantly Luke Black ?? false name?? He was unable to give me his phone number or company name saying "it's the number that is in your screen" What a scam!!I double checked with an insurance guy who thinks it is a scam but doesn't know where they got my details from??
Linda De-Jesus
Monday, March 27 2017 11:36 PM
Received a phone call around 10.15am 28/03/17. Not the first phone call I have received from the number (07)3703 1001.

This occasion they asked for my 11 year old son, by name. The quality of the call to my mobile was below average and when asked why they want an 11 year old (minor), they repeated the phrase "you have had a motor accident in the past 12months and as such weare contacting you today". My query is, why do they have my sons name and why would they want to discuss an accident that has not happened. This phone call is borderline Harassment and would love that the owner of such number be alerted to my concerns.

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