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Complaints for phone number 04 3125 6402

There are 1 reported complaint for phone number: 04 3125 6402. Add your complaint

Monday, May 30 2016 07:11 AM
Got a pop up on the laptop and a text to my phone saying id subscribed @ 6.99 week to

I actually text STOP and they said im unsubscribed - I called the 1300 number too.

Unfortunately I think both the text number and 1300 are premium services! damn - scammed three times with one click of the mouse.

Was actually using my work phone as a hotspot - so will see what telstra say (if they can help at all).

There must be some way they can get your mobile number when using a wifi hotspot - ill be googling how to protect the phone in future!

This is a pretty big scam and i can ONLY IMAGINE how much cash they will make before being shut down.

Feel pretty dumb, but WTF this is pretty frikken sneaky stuff!

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