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Complaints for phone number 04 0615 3527

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Catherine Fontvieille
Thursday, July 28 2016 07:31 PM
By Anonymous now

The call was made yesterday left in my voicemail.On my phone it appeared as anonymous. I listened to it today. In summary a man's voice tells me in a quite monotonous yet abrupt manner that a recent audit has shown that they identified incorrect or no tax filling therefore tax avoidance, my account has been marked as delinquent, a petition filed against my name, there is a warrant for my arrest, registered letters were sent to my address and return unsigned..., before legal course of notification he asked me to call their hotline (02)90995782 and he repeated the number twice. There is a little bit more in the message. I haven't deleted it so I am quite happy to provide the whole transcript or get you to listen to it in person. I am not worried about the accusations because they are obviously false and I always lodge my tax returns through a reputable
accountant however I am worried that these people could spread false information about me that could affect me in many ways. These scammers must be stop urgently. How dare they threaten people over the phone !

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